The Project

Project Motivation


The concept of community power, or community-owned energy, will be of significant relevance to accomplish the transition to a low carbon society and fossil-free energy system in a successful and cost optimal way. The European Union (EU), which has set ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, has pointed empowerment of citizens as one of the 5 keys to achieve the environmental and energy targets. In line with this, community power is a growing movement for energy supply across Europe. However, in Turkey, the concept of community power and its plentiful benefits are not well-known yet.

In spite of the great solar, wind, geothermal and biomass energy potential in Turkey, only 4% of energy produced in the country comes from these sources. 80% of Turkey’s energy production depends on fossil-fuels, 90% of which are imported. The remaining 16% is produced by hydro-power plants. Energy is produced and distributed centrally by large corporations and citizens do not have any influence on energy sources and prices.

Community power offers communities the opportunity to (1) shape local energy systems in a democratic way, (2) lower energy bills, (3) promote local development, (4) raise local acceptance for sustainable energy solutions and (5) fasten the transition to a fossil-free energy system.


Project Objectives


  1. To increase the understanding and acceptance of the principles of community power among local communities in Turkey.
  2. To enhance the capacity of community actors in Turkey to initiate and implement community power projects in their communities.


Strategy for Target Meeting


The project will disseminate all the necessary knowledge about the concept of community power and the process to start, build and run a community-owned energy installation. All this information is gathered and presented in the webpage and also in various events:

  • 4 workshops will be held in 4 cities in Turkey: Çanakkale, Burdur, Van and Diyarbakır.
  • Study Visit to Denmark
  • Seminar in Istanbul